The Rogue PowerPack Program feeding Jackson County elementary students


by Riche Garza

Friday, October 26th 2018

The Rogue PowerPack Program currently feeds one hundred and seventy students in five Jackson County Elementary schools.

According to RPP seventy percent of Jackson County school children receive free breakfast and lunch during school, but many of these students do not have access to adequate food during the weekend.

As a result RPP volunteers visit Washington, Jackson, Phoenix, Talent and Orchard Hill elementary every Friday, with backpacks full of nutritious food for children to take home for the weekend.

Hungry children tend to suffer from lack of concentration as well as extreme behavior and mood swings.

“The Rogue PowerPack Program here at Phoenix elementary school gives kids an opportunity to get some extra food for the weekends that they normally would not have and some of these kids would go over the weekend without a meal or two,” said Jeff carpenter Phoenix elementary school principal.

RPP have made it their mission to feed all the twenty-eight elementary schools in Jackson County and serve more than one thousand children every week.