Winter Newsletter 2022

August Newsletter 2019

Jul 31, 2019

To Our Partners:

With much gratitude, we were awarded $50,000 in grant funds for the 2019-2020 school year. This included a large $20,000 grant from 5 of the Rotary clubs who partner with us. The Board is currently discussing options for the fall launch date and we anticipate adding approximately 135 new students, as well as bringing additional schools into the program. This will bring our total served to about 350 in Jackson County. We will make contact with all the schools when they return from summer break to finalize our plans. Certainly, one of the key factors to address is the volunteer base that will be needed to support this growth. More to learn on that front. If you have ideas, please share!

Newsletter: Winter 2019

February 12, 2019

2019 started off with a bang for Rogue Powerpack. We received a grant in December and are starting up 3 new schools in February, bringing our total students served to 215 each week. The new schools are Oak Grove, Table Rock and Hillside elementary schools. Table Rock and Hillside are in the Eagle Point School District. All the new students’ families have self-identified as homeless.

We are truly helping the neediest students. With the increase of 45 students, we have 3 new volunteer groups that are joining the backpack program. Medford Rogue Rotary will have Oak Grove, Upper Rogue Rotary will serve Hillside, and the EP Women’s Group will be filling packs at Table Rock.

We continue to be amazed by our angels…Jessica, a nursing student at SOU, procured 500 cans of soup from Amy’s Kitchen and donated them to RPP. Valued at over $1000, that will help stretch our food dollars for the rest of the school year!


1. Sponsor(s) for food bags

2. Storage room for food items

3. Photographer/Videographer

4. Everyone to use AmazonSmile and designate Rogue Powerpack Charitable Foundation EIN 83-0590339


Newsletter: Fall Edition #2

The number of “Friends of Rogue Powerpack Program” continues to grow and provides some exciting opportunities for us. For the 5-week period of October 15 to Nov 16, First Interstate Bank is conducting a food drive for specific kid-friendly food items for the backpacks. On November 10th, Scouts from the Crater Lake Council will be dropping off 3500 flyers in the communities of Ashland, Medford, Jacksonville, Central Point, and Eagle Point. They will pick up donated bags of food on November 17th. The board is considering both of these as pilot programs to learn how the community responds to a specific food request and support our kids over the weekends with much-needed food. *** The vision of the board is to sustain and grow the program to reach as many qualified children as possible in Jackson County. We are actively exploring a successful model for our valley that will be sustainable— the essential components being stable revenue, sponsors, and volunteers. Stay tuned.

“If you really want to do something, you will find a way.”


1. Storage room for food items

2. Graphic artist

3. Videographer

4. Businesses to sponsor schools

5. Everyone to use AmazonSmile and designate Rogue Powerpack Charitable Foundation  EIN 83-0590339

Newsletter: RPP is partnering with First Insterstate Bank

October 8 through November 16

Four Medford branches of the bank will be handing out food bags and asking patrons to fill them with individual oatmeal packets, protein bars, and single serving applesauce containers.   The filled bags will be collected at each branch for future distribution in the backpacks.

Newsletter: Fall 2018

Oct 30, 2018

 The fall equinox is a month away and that means kids are heading back to school. That also means our backpack food distribution program is gearing up. Lots has been going on over the summer and it’s time for an update to our Rotary partners. 

The backpack program is now its own 501(c)(3) corporation called Rogue Powerpack Charitable Foundation. There is a 10-member board of directors representing 3 Rotary clubs, Sodexo, Junior League of JC, and Phoenix-Talent school district. The Board has held its first meeting and are presiding over the transfer of the program from Junior League to the new governing body. 

Our start date for this school year will be October 5th. The schools have been notified of the date and will be identifying students over the month of September. This will include getting permission slips from families. Your volunteer coordinator will be contacted with the school schedule soon. 

If you are new to volunteering or need to re-do your background checks this would be a great time to take care of it! Please see your club’s RPP contact person for details. 


1. Website development 

2. Social Media account support 

3. TV contacts for the fall launch 

4. Donations 

5. Grant writing 

Please contact LeAnn Mobley for details