Rogue Powerpack is partnering with First Interstate Bank

October 8 through November 16

Four Medford branches of the bank will be handing out food bags and asking patrons to fill them with individual oatmeal packets, protein bars, and single serving applesauce containers.   The filled bags will be collected at each branch for future distribution in the backpacks.


We need kid-friendly, easy to prepare, individually packaged food items. We are collecting:

Packages of individual-size applesauce


Boxes of granola bars


Boxes of single serving oatmeal packages

Your donation will help fill a Backpack

Your donation will help ensure a child will have nutritious meals for the entire weekend.  The goal of this campaign is to grow the Rogue Powerpack Program so many more Southern Oregon kids do not have to wait until the school week to have access to healthy food.