Marcella Morrison, Director

Marcella believes in biodiversity; she strives to bring happiness and beauty to the world in which we live.

She is a small business owner and entrepreneur. Marcella operates a certified Green Circle Salon and spa. Marcella helps repurpose the discarded hair to clean up oil spills in the oceans.

Her “community service” journey began years ago when she opened her own salon, providing a beauty spa day for battered women who were in unhealthy relationships and living environments. Upon returning to Oregon, she desired to stay involved with her community and joined Rotary. Marcella applied her leadership skills in Rotary, serving as club president in 2017.

Marcella’s passion is to create a better world by creating a better community. She is passionate about giving back by teaming up with other like-minded individuals and organizations.

Through Rotary, she connected with the Rogue Powerpack Program three years ago as a volunteer filling backpacks for the elementary kids. Marcella is excited about the opportunity of serving on the board and sharing her hands-on experience to better serve the mission of feeding hungry children.